We own and operate our farm and ranch along with our five children near a small town in Northeastern Colorado called Merino.  It is our family goal and passion to nurture and raise quality animals.  We take pride in knowing we produced a wholesome product for not only our family to enjoy but many other families as well!  We value our customers concern and we're glad we can provide them comfort in knowing where their beef came from and how their beef was raised.  We raise our beef one animal at a time!  We strive to take care of our cattle and provide them quality feed and a comfortable environment.

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All our beef is Black Angus.  Black Angus is the most popular breed and known for being high in quality, very tender, and full of flavor.  In the winter the cattle are in heaven grazing our cornstalk fields enjoying the leftover corn they find and in the summer they're enjoying lush green pastures.  The corn and hay we do feed is locally grown or has been raised by our family.  Relying on local resources insures our operation is green.  Our ranch raised cattle receive high quality care.  We provide them a grass fed and corn finished ration to supply our customers the highest quality product.  Our beef has been USDA inspected.  All of our beef has been dry aged 18-21 days which enhances the tenderness and flavor.  The ground beef has been dry aged also not just primal cuts such as steaks.  The beef has been instantly chilled to maximize yield, flavor, and shelf life.  The beef is vacuum sealed in 6mm shrink wrap to keep meat fresher longer.  We offer 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef or at times we have cuts to sell on an individual basis. While supplies last we have additional beef to purchase in our freezer or we offer custom cutting to your specifications when your order is placed on time. 

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  1. Will deliver locally up to 150 miles away with a minimum fee of $150.00
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